Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art



Get your water marble manicure on with these 13 easy steps!

What you need: 

  • KL Polish- we used MIA, Porter Miami, 305, Ocean Drive, Coconut Milk
  • Base coat & top coat
  • Cold water


  1. Paint the nails with a base coat
  2. Next, add two coats of Coconut Milk to the nails
  3. Fill a glass with chilled water
  4. Add a drop of MIA to the water. Repeat with the other colors. 
  5. Add one more drop of each color to the water. 
  6. Blend the layers lightly & quickly
  7. Dip your middle three fingers into the polish/water mixture
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 on your other hand
  9. Clean your skin with nail polish remover
  10. Use a fine brush to clean the edges
  11. Finish with a top coat


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